Drive Your Business with CVAT Annotation Services

Drive Your Business with CVAT Annotation Services

What Is CVAT Annotation

Annotation for computer vision is a time-consuming process. It requires patience and diligence to deliver the best results and quality datasets. Yet, things are different with CVAT.

CVAT (Computer Vision Annotation Tool) is a free, open-source image and video annotation tool powered by Intel. This software allows for efficient data labeling for computer vision, offering an intuitive user interface and decent performance. CVAT is suitable for different industries, making it a top data engine for machine learning. Companies can label datasets of any scale and for various scenarios using this tool.

Our team at CVAT Annotation has profound experience in computer vision labeling using CVAT. We can deliver high-quality annotated data to power your projects in any industry.

CVAT Annotation Use Cases

There are numerous use cases for computer vision tagging in various industries. Here are the primary ones:

Autonomous vehicles

Use computer vision algorithms to detect road signs, barriers, pedestrians, and other vehicles.

Surveillance systems

Use computer vision algorithms to recognize objects, humans, and events.

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Use computer vision algorithms to track workers’ performance, detect product defects, and optimize manufacturing processes.


Use computer vision algorithms to identify signs of diseases and detect malignant formations.


Use computer vision algorithms to optimize logistics, identify products, and manage warehouses.

Services We Provide

CVAT Annotation provides a wide range of video and image annotation services, leveraging CVAT. Our expertise includes the following:

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Image Classification

We offer image classification services that involve providing one or several labels for a specific image. Our specialists revise collected data and divide it into separate categories according to your ML requirements.

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Point Clouds / LiDAR

We deliver point cloud annotation using LiDAR images for better object detection in the exact dimensions. Our team uses 3D cuboids and other techniques to tag objects as accurately as possible.


Video Annotation

We can apply all the above CVAT techniques to deliver video annotation services. These involve detecting, classifying, and labeling objects in a video frame-by-frame.

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Object Detection

We use CVAT for object detection. It involves localizing and classifying objects in a given image or video by drawing bounding boxes around them.


Semantic and Instance Segmentation

Our team can provide you with semantic and instance segmentation services. The first involves classifying image pixels into semantic classes, e.g., pedestrians or vehicles. Instance segmentation categorizes image pixels into instances, i.e., the algorithm won’t recognize classes but will identify when and where objects overlap.

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3D Cuboids

Our team can label objects in 2D images and videos with 3D cuboids. This service is used to determine the objects’ depth better.



Another service especially helpful for sports and healthcare industries is skeleton annotation. We help train algorithms to track body movements by marking the skeleton with key points connected by lines.

How to Order Cvat Annotation Services With Us

It only takes a few steps to order our video and picture annotation services. Here’s how you can get them:


Specify your requirements using the form below

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Get a swift response from us with an estimate and offer

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Pay the invoice and start working with us

3 Main Models of Cooperation We Offer

It only takes a few steps to order our video and picture annotation services. Here’s how you can get them:

Part-Time Dedicated CVAT Annotation Specialist

In this cooperation model, we provide you with a part-time dedicated CVAT labeler who’ll handle the video and image annotation service. This approach works best for short-term projects with a fixed load.

Full-Time Dedicated CVAT Annotation Specialist

In this cooperation model, you engage full-time CVAT specialists, dedicating all their time and efforts to your business. This cooperative approach is perfect for long-term projects with changing requirements and workloads.

Managed CVAT Annotation Service

In this cooperation model, we fully handle image and video annotation services while you concentrate on the core tasks of your business. Managed service is best for short-term projects with clear deadlines and scope.

Reasons to Outsource CVAT Annotation to Us

Professional Expertise

We’ve been in the CVAT annotation business for a while. Our experts have leading knowledge and all the necessary skills to provide top-notch video and image tagging services.

Reasonable Costs

You can choose between three cooperation models and determine the best fit for your business. Our cooperative approaches offer extensive flexibility when it comes to service costs.

Swift Project Delivery

We know that waiting is tiresome… and costly. Our experts do their best to complete the CVAT labeling tasks on time, caring about your budget and deadlines.

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Better Scalability

Contact us anytime you need extra CVAT experts to handle the image labeling tasks. Cooperating with us is simple, and scaling your business is as well.

Strong Work Ethic

Our experts value what they do, and that’s why they do it best. You may not worry about your data security, deadlines, and team communication when cooperating with us.

Decent Quality

We deliver only high-quality labeled datasets. So you can be sure that the annotated data you get from us will contribute to efficient machine learning and computer vision training.

Want to get a decent CVAT annotation service? Get in touch with CVAT Annotation’s labeling experts!

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